Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Baroque Effect: Vitamins for Brain

Some time ago during the Great Singapore Sale, Hubby and I went shopping at Jurong Point when we passed by Gramaphone. We decided to go in to have a look and see if there are any interesting movies or music CDs to get.

Hubby first spotted The Baroque Effect: Vitamins for Brain music CDs at the Instrumental Music section. I guess in his mind, he was already preparing to buy one of those classical music CDs meant for improving pre-natal developments. The Baroque Effect looks promising. It's a two-CDs pack and claim to:

- Improve Memory and Concentration
- Enhance Creative Thinking
- Assist Children in Intellectual Development
- Aid Babies in Brain Development
- Stimulate Infants in Creative thinking processes & Improve their Body Movement
- Induce Relaxation
- Reduce Anxiety

Basically, it's a collection of specially recorded Classical music to stimulate and inspire one's academic excellence. Ok, we shall see if the effect really takes place!

I've listened to the CDs a couple of times and they are not too bad. Relaxing and catchy melodies. I even make sure Chow Chow listens to it too!

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